Who’s Number One 6 Full Results

The sixth edition of Who’s Number One was held on 26 March 2021 in Austin, Texas.

Source: FloGrappling

Main Card

Craig Jones def. Ronaldo Junior via Sub (Inside Heel-hook)

Jones worked from the bottom and Junior tried to get control from the top. Jones went for the legs and a scramble followed and both men got to their feet. Jones once again opted to work from the bottom. Jones went after a leglock and took Ronaldo Junior to the mat. Jones slowly set up the submission and secured the inside heel-hook. Junior quickly tapped and that’s a wrap.

Gordon Ryan def. Roberto Jimenez via Sub (Mounted Armbar)

Ryan maintained the top position early on. Gordon continued to control from the top, and he passed the guard into the mount. Jimenez worked hard to get from under the mount but Ryan immediately passed right back to mount and started to look for submissions.  Gordon Ryan sets it up and goes for the straight armbar. Jimenez rolled through and escaped. Some incredible sweeps and grappling exchanges and Ryan was once again in the mount position. Ryan again goes for the armbar and secures it. He previously on Instagram that he’d win via mounted armbar and that’s exactly what happened.

Nathiely De Jesus def. Gabi Garcia via Judges Decision

Gabi powered out of positions and maintained top control. Both fighters exchanged leg lock attempts. About halfway in, Garcia and De Jesus were beginning to tire.  De Jesus was able to transition and take the back. She got her hooks in and flattened Garcia out, but Garcia worked her way out and got back to the top. It was a really close fight.

Geo Martinez def. Junny Ocasio via Judges Decision

Martinez opted to work from a passing position, playing on the counter-attack, looking for the back from Junny’s leg attacks. There was no clear victor after regulation time, but Martinez was appointed the winner by the judges.

Andrew Wiltse def. PJ Barch via Judges Decision

PJ was committed to passing with a lead-leg (knee-cut stance), a style met by Wiltse’s strong reverse DLR game. Andrew did have more offensive moments in the match, with a handful of single-leg sweep attempts, but Barch’s solid wrestling background blocked Wiltse from finishing. Wiltse was awarded the win by decision in the end.


Jessa Khan def. Danielle Kelly via Judges Decision

A barrage of attacks by Khan over Danielle who showed solid defensive skills but was never able to set up any worthy attacks of her own.

Jessa threw everything at Kelly, going for guillotines, inside and outside heel hooks, straight ankle locks, toe-hold, kneebar, armbar…as well as conquering a sweep, mount control, and back control. Meanwhile, Kelly had a successful single-leg takedown in the match.

Elder Cruz def. Jacob Couch via Judges Decision

Elder Cruz showed us just how to compete against a superior leg-locker. Knees on the ground, great distance management and forward pressure proved to work perfectly against Jacob Couch. After a very even 13 minutes of mat time, Cruz broke through Couch’s guard, establishing a pass and a back-take to seal a decision win in his favor.