Subversiv 4 Full Results: ATOS Is The New World Nogi Team Champion

ATOS was the overall winner of Subversiv 4 3v3 team tournament that was held on 31st October. With this, they became the new World Nogi Team champion, a title that was previously held by 10th Planet.

The team consisting of Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa, Andy Murasaki and Rafela Guedes stormed through the first round with a 3-0 win over Peace Makers. Lucas and Rafela submitted their opponents via North South Choke and Armbar respectively.

ATOS then sent off Team Daniel Gracie with a 2-1 win in the quarter-finals. Lucas won the 1st match over Kyle Myers but Rafela lost her match against Amanda Leve. With the score tied at 1-1, Andy carried his team through by defeating Dylan Royce.

In the semi-finals, ATOS defeated Team New York 2-1, with Lucas Barbosa registering a win over Danaher Death Squad’s Oliver Taza.

The finals pitted ATOS against Level Black. Andy pulled off a win against the outstanding Kody Steele, a Combat Jiu-Jitsu (CJJ) Weltherweight champion and fresh off his win over Alec Baulding in Who’s Number One (WNO) in June 2020. Lucas win over William Tackett was sufficient to seal the victory for ATOS, with no need for the match between Elisabeth Clay and Rafaela Guedes.

Source: F2WBJJ Instagram

Full Results
Team Champion Atos
2nd Place Level Black
3rd Place Stuido 84

180 Male MVP John Combs (4-0)
+180 Male MvP Lucas Barbbosa (4-0)
Female MVP Elisabeth Clay (3-0)

Atos def Level Black 2-0
Andy Muraski def Kody Steele dec
Lucas Barbosa def William Tackett Dec

Consolation Finals
Studio 84 Def Team New York 2-1
John Combs def Nick Ronan Dec
Oliver Taza Def Gui Mione
Brittney Elkin Def Fatima Kline Dec

Semi Finals
Level Black Def Studio 84 2-1
Elisabeth Clay Def Brittney Elkin GoGo Plata
John Combs def Kody Steele Dec
Wiliam Tackett def Guitone Mione RNC

Atos def Team New York 2-1
Rafaela Guedes def Fatima Kline Dec
Nick Ronan def Andy Murasaki Dec
Lucas Barbosa def Oliver Taza Dec

Quarter Finals
Level Black def Fight Sports 2-0
William Tackett def Tex Johnson Head and Arm Choke
Elisabeth Clay Def Tara White Inside Heel Hook

Studio 84 def Team Brave 2-1
Max Gimenes def Gui Mitone Split Dec
Brittney Elkin Def Laurah Hallock Split Dec
John Combs def Hugo Marques Triangle

Atos def Daniel Gracie 2-1
Lucas Barbosa def Kyle Myers Dec
Amanda Leve def Rafael Guedes Split Dec
Andy Murasaki def Dylan Royce Dec

Team New York def Checkmat 2-0
Oliver Taza def Arnaldo Maidana Dec
Fatima Kline def Thamara Montiero Dec

Round 1
Team Level Black def Gracie Humaita Philly 3-0
Kody Steele def Zach Green dec
William Tackett vs Jarrod Curry
Elisabeth Clay vs Jacquelyn Gola

Fight Sports def Gracie Barra 3-0
Jz Cavalcante def Carlos Souza Dec
Tex Johnson def Fellipe Trovo Dec
Tara White def Caitlin Cardenas dec

Team Brave def 10th Planet 3-0
Hugo Marques def Zac Edwards split dec
Max Gimeneis def Rene Souza Dec
Laurah Hallock def Laura Kent Wrist Lock

Studio 84 def Team Philly 2-1
John Combs def Tom Cellamare RNC
Daishi Goto def Gui Mione Dec
Brittney Elkin def Eve Isaacs Armbar

Atos def Peace Makers 3-0
Andy Murasaki def Dez Mcdonald dec
Lucas Barbosa def Craig Mcdonal North South CHoke
Rafaela Guedes def Chrissy Biggs armbar

Daniel Gracie def Wild Card 3-0
Dylan Royce def Savion Maranon dec
Alex Myers def Isiah Wright americana
Amanda Leve def Bailey Luttrell rnc

Checkmat def Team New Jersey 3-0

Team Ny def Sa’s 2-1

Results were first published on F2WBJJ Instagram.