Submission Hunter Pro 61 Results: Rafeal Lang Defeats Jorge Perez, Crowned New Black Belt Gi Champion

Rafeal Lang defeats Jorge Perez via Bow & Arrow Choke to become the new Black Belt 205 Gi Champion.

Steffen Banta defeats Troy Mercer via Heel Hook to be crowned the new Purple Belt 200 NoGi Champion.

Event Preamble

Submission Hunter Pro 61 will be held on 14 November 2020 in Dallas, Texas. This event will feature three Gi title fights for the 135 lbs, 155 lbs and 205 lbs divisions.

135 lbs Gi Title – Jacob Allphin vs Joao Pedro Somalia

Jacob Allphin is the head instructor of Denizen Jiu Jiutsu. He recently fought in the Superfight event of Kumite I, organized by Third Coast Grappling in June 2020 – where he was defeated by Jordon Holy, a CJJ Worlds 2020 Featherweight semi-finalist, via heel hook.

He will face off against the current 135 lbs Gi Champion Joao Pedro Somalia, a 2014 IBJJF Pan Ams Champion.

155 lbs Gi Title – Bernardo Pitel vs Alejandro Siqueira

Bernardo Pitel is a 5th degree black belt under the renowned Joao Roque from Nova Uniao, and one of the biggest names in the u64kg division during the 2000s era. He won the IBJJF Worlds Championship in 2001. He is also a 2x Pan Ams champion and a 4x Brazilian National champion.

Benardo will be fighting against the highly decorated Alejandro Siqueira of Gracie Barra. His accolades include 2x IBJJF Nogi champion, 6x NAGA champion and Fight To Win Pro Super Fight 2016 champion among many others!

205 lbs Gi Title – Jorge Perez vs Rafeal Lang

Jorge Perez is the owner of Zombie Krew Jiu Jitsu. He comes off a win in Fight To Win 153’s co-main event in September, where he defeated Chuck Adam via collar choke.

He will go to war with Rafeal Lang, a 3rd degree black belt from Octagon MMA. Rafeal was a Nogi gold medalist at the IBJJF London Open 2018 , IBJJF Atlanta Open 2018 and London Open 2016.

Black Belt Matches
TBA vs Nathan Inman
TBA vs Stephen Hall
Eric Garcia vs Gerardo Mulas
Pete O’Neal vs Rodrigo Lopes
TBA vs Lucas Lima
TBA vs Alex Martins
135 Gi Title – Jacob Allphin vs Joao Pedro Somalia
155 Gi Title – Bernardo Pitel vs Alejandro Siqueira
205 Gi Title – Jorge Perez vs Rafeal Lang

Source: Submission Hunter Pro Instagram

Tickets available at Garcia Promotions.

You can also watch the event live on UFC Fight Pass.