Fight To Win (F2W) 157 Results: Vagner Rocha Defeated Gabriel Almeida via Inside Heel Hook

Chad “Kodiak” Fields defeated Tom DeBlass via unanimous decision to become the Masters Super Heavy Weight Nogi champion.

Separately, Vagner Rocha defeated Gabriel Almeida via Inside Heel Hook, earning himself the submission of the night.

Black Belt Matches Results
Chad Fields def. Tom DeBlass via decision
Vagner Rocha def. Gabriel Almeida via Inside Heel Hook (Submission of the night)
Steven Williams def. Kyle Myers via decision
Dylan Royce def. Garret Lavaggi via decision
Rich Hernandez def. Jared Weiner via decision
Joseph Baize def. Kyle Hughes via decision
JZ Cavalcante def. Nick Ronan via decision (Fight of the night)
Josh Pike def. Dom Hoskins via decision
William Wolk def. Jay Wadsworth via decision

Source: Fight2Win Facebook

Event Preamble

Fight To Win (F2W) 157 will be held on 14th November in Philadelphia, PA.

BJJ legend, owner and instructor of Ocean County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy and coach of grappling sensation Garry Tonon, Tom DeBlass will be fighting against Chad “Kodiak” Fields, a 2x IBJJF Masters World Champion and student of Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu.

Vagner Rocha, the current Combat Jiujitsu (CJJ) Lightweight champion, is up against Gabriel Almeida, a product of Checkmat’s Rising Stars BJJ scholarship program and multi-time IBJJF world champion at colored belt level.

Black Belt Matches
Tom DeBlass vs Chad “Kodiak” Fields
Vagner Rocha vs Gabriel Almeida
William Wolk vs Jay Wadsworth
Nick Ronan vs Gesias Cavalcante
Dylan Royce vs Garret Lavaggi
Rich Hernandez vs Jared Weiner
Frank Rosenthal vs Scott Dance
Josh Pike vs Dom Hoskins
Steven Williams vs Kyle Myers
Joe Baize vs Kyle Hughes

Source: F2WBJJ Instagram

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