BJJ VS Wrestling

Source: Flickr Hands up those who love to compare our own martial art with others. The benefit is that we end up understanding more about other martial arts. From that, we can learn and incorporate the aspects that are useful for our own sport. Further, who wouldn’t love some validation…


Are Leg Locks Dangerous?

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that IBJJF will be relaxing their rules for leg locks in 2021! Read more here. Leg locks have a bad reputation in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). Many schools do not teach much on leg locks. They also restrict their usage during rolls in class due to…


Is BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) Effective In MMA?

Yes, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) is effective in mixed martial arts (MMA). However, with the continued development of MMA and the rise of other disciplines, BJJ seems to have fallen out of favor in modern-day MMA competitions (we will use the Ultimate Fighting Championship as reference). There are several reasons which…


Are Leglocks Effective In MMA and Street Fights?

Leglocks are statistically rare in MMA and for good reason. Entries into leglock positions usually mean sacrificing (top) positions that generally offer better control and striking ability. Also, certain leglock positions would leave you exposed to strikes. Moreover, some leglocks (in particular the Heel Hook) have the potential to inflict…


Gi vs Nogi – Which Is Better For Self Defense?

Nogi is generally accepted to be better for self-defense because its grips, control and submissions work regardless of what your assailant is wearing. However, what I believe is more important, is the training mindset. A self-defense orientated BJJ gym would place more emphasis on control, distance management and escapes -…


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